Renice X5-E CF Card, 8 GB SLC, industrial

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X5-E Compact Flash Card
EOL in 2019.02

Renice X5-E CF products comes with the industry standard Compact Flash form factor, provides both high performance and reliability, with great endurance working in harsh environment such as low/high temperature, great shock, vibration and interference. With these advantages and its ATA interface which is fully compatible with most popular transfer modes such as UDMA, Multiword DMA and PIO, Renice X5-E CF Card is a ideal storage option for embedded computing, industrial applications, network & communications, public security, military, aerospace, medical and automotive fields.

  • industrial specification: operating temperature range from -40°C to 85°C, conformal coating
  • special feature: 3.3V / 5V compatible
  • performance: max. sequential data read/write in MB/s: 100r/80w
  • manufacturers warranty: 5 years


Renice X5 Compact Flash card was in production from 2011-2017 (Controller: SMI SM2244).
Renice X5-E Compact Flash card was in production from 2017-2019 (Controller: SMI EN2232).
Renice H1 Compact Flash card is in production since 2019. The H1 model line is slightly slower than the previous X5 and X5-E models but offer additional safety features like power fail protection which is more important for most industrial applications than high transfer rates.

Order numbers
Model: Renice X5-E CF Card | NAND Flash Type: SLC | Option: Industrial

Size Renice Model number EAN number Maxxxware number
1 GB RIS001-PX5C-E 8595184272357 6107
2 GB RIS002-PX5C-E 8595184272364 6108
4 GB RIS004-PX5C-E 8595184272371 6109
8 GB RIS008-PX5C-E 8595184272388 6115
16 GB RIS016-PX5C-E 8595184272395 6116
32 GB RIS032-PX5C-E 8595184272401 6117
64 GB RIS064-PX5C-E 8595184272418 6118

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